You really wanted this Armoured Dragoturkey. It was right there, suddenly, tragedy strikes: the Dragoturkey is no longer available in the Shop. In order to avoid such sad situations in the future, we'll detail the current offers for you each week!

What would Gobbstock be without your competition? And without its competition? Illustrate, through video and song, the theme of this fifth edition: pets and mounts! Send us your entries up to Wednesday 5 July 11:59 PM CEST!

An area that looks new - June 20, 2017 - [Yawn]

With the imminent arrival of Dofus Touch Early, our Beta build, it was more than time to tell you more about the re-structuring of the celestial island, the introduction of lairs, and the new sets that come with them. It’s also a good opportunity to talk about the future of lairs in the World of Twelve.

Dofus Touch Event: One Last Poem Event - June 19, 2017

As the Gobbstock singing contest approaches, Skeunk, a bard in his own right, could give you a run for your money. It may be time to go and express your poems to him, if you know what I mean.

Take care of your vocal cords, the annual Gobbstock Festival arrives on DOFUS Touch! On this occasion, we have prepared several events on our various channels.

Your favorite heros are in the new WAKFU Season 3 trailer. Evangeline, Percedal, Amalia, Yugo and Ruel find themselves in the heat of battle once again. They'll have to stay on their toes to keep from getting burned!

Enjoy the cutest game ever spawned by the Krosmoz, and discover the pets of the World of Twelve in a whole new way: DOFUS Pets, the all-Ankama Tamagotchi-style game, is coming to Android and iOS on July 3rd!

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