Dofus Touch A woyal visit Event - October 11, 2016

Aaah, the Wa Wabbit… Such a stwong pewsonality of the Wowld of Twelve: a huge bwute, an egotistic monstew, all gweat qualities sublimed by an incompawable chawisma*. Don't be afwaid, deaw adventuwews, come and confwont him, and you might win some valuable tweasuwe! We sweaw.

Ah, you really wanted this Armored Dragoturkey! It was right there, waiting for you (to reach level 60) to be rode across the World of Twelve. You could already picture it! But then, suddenly, as you finally reach the aforementioned level, tragedy strikes: the Dragoturkey is no longer available in the Shop!
In order to avoid such sad situations in the future, we'll detail the current offers for you each week!

In the year 635, the heinous Al Howin was permanently banished from Amakna after it was revealed that he had cheated during the Biggest Pumpkwin contest. Ever since, at the same time every year, his curse haunts the World of Twelve. Tofus and Gobballs are transformed into horrible creatures, and Al Howin’s Stewpot opens its creaking doors... Will you be able to face your fears?

The smartphone release of DOFUS Touch has made the World of Twelve more accessible than ever—whether you’re on the bus, at the grocery store, on your coffee break, or at your friend’s house, your adventures go wherever you go! Now it’s up to you to show us during the next #iTouchDOFUS contest on Twitter!

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Breeding interface revamp - September 19, 2016 - [Kubicle]
As promised in the last devblog , here is more information about the breeding interface revamp.
Dofus Touch The Great Shearing Event - September 15, 2016

For a few weeks now, King Allister has been trying to prove to his people that he has every intention of regaining control of things in the Kingdom of Amakna. Today, he wants to entertain his subjects by mixing business with pleasure. The hunt is on!

Adapting the online game DOFUS to tablets has been a real challenge! It wasn't easy to cram everything in there: all 2,500 creatures, 1,400 quests, or even the 170 areas and assorted 60 dungeons. But we made it, we succeeded, and we didn't stop there! Experience right now DOFUS Touch on smartphones, everywhere and anywhere in the world!