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Dofus Touch What's new in the Shop? Shop - February 20, 2018

You really wanted this Armoured Dragoturkey. It was right there, suddenly tragedy strikes: the Dragoturkey is no longer available in the Shop. In order to avoid such sad situations in the future, we'll detail the current offers for you each week!

Oh, yes, Saint Ballotwine's Day is here again… and with it, love is infectious! The Gobballs are delightfully pink again, looking as delicious as a Passion Shigekax. And passion will, rightly, be the guiding word from February 13 to 20! Hurry and discover what the Meridia of Luv has in store for you…

Decidedly, Lord Crow has been on everyone's lips lately. After his actions with King Allister during the Bwork Invasion, he thought it best to take you for cretins. For lack of a good thwack, it isn't looking good for him…

Dofus Touch Event: Hedgehog Day Info - February 02, 2018

Today, it's Hedgehog Day! In celebration of this and to honor these small and adorably spiky creatures, let's take a peek at what's happening with the World of Twelve's favorite family of prickly monsters.

Dofus Touch The Backstory of DOFUS Touch Info - February 01, 2018

In the beginning, there was nothing, a void… How about learning a bit more about the backstory, that element that lets us all soak up the game universe and become part of it? Let's go, follow the guide!

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive #10 Info - January 31, 2018

It's a new year and a tenth missive, as luck would have it! We're going to rise to the occasion by unveiling a little more about our plans for 2018. Happy reading!

Below, you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions about everything DOFUS Touch. This list will be kept up to date regularly!

Dofus Touch Event: Troolateral Damage Event - January 16, 2018

Bworkoward, the new chief of the Bworks, is wreaking havoc to the north of Cania in order to earn his tribe's respect. But King Allister doesn't see it that way and wants you to help calm things down. And there's a nice reward in it for you!

Feelings of anxiousness and sadness will be multiplied this January 15 with the occasion of Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year! Let's put a smile on your face and brighten your day with a bonus XP!


Get an idea what its like to be a Community Helper from the point of view of Sebbasb, and if you are interested to be one, send us your application!

Ankama Nindash is Coming to iOS! Info - January 09, 2018

In kawaii but dangerous medieval Japan, hordes of skeletons are rising and persistently advancing on a small, quiet village. Who will be crazy enough to stand in their way and make them bite the dust? The ninjas, of course! Become one, unlock others, and save the world right now on your mobile device!

Lord Crow is looking for assistant librarians to keep his lair in order. What if you dropped everything to give it a try? Show what you can do in this new writing contest and try to leave with various rewards!

Dofus Touch What's new in the Shop? Shop - January 04, 2018

You really wanted this Armoured Dragoturkey. It was right there, suddenly tragedy strikes: the Dragoturkey is no longer available in the Shop. In order to avoid such sad situations in the future, we'll detail the current offers for you each week!

As always this time of year, Barf, a.k.a. the big bad Wa Wabbit, gets bored in his castle and starts to stir up a bit too much twouble. Miss Engere has suggested you go wring his neck and is even offering a reward for doing so. Ready to try?

Those of you who have been paying attention will already have read ToT's seasons greetings a little early in Gamakna #5 a few days ago. For the rest of you, on the first day of the new year, ToT and everyone here at Ankama wish you a wonderful 2018!

Issue no. 5 of Gamakna is here, packed with news, backstage info, and exclusive updates! In DOFUS Touch news: background on the Bwork in-game event, an update from Nyom, and Kokillette's Logbook.

Ankama Happy Holidays from Ankama! Info - December 24, 2017

If you were in the World of Twelve, you'd be decorating an Itzting. Your Snow Bow Meow would be lounging by the fire, while your mom stuffs the Dragoturkey. After opening your presents, we'd wish you a Merry Kwismas. The the Krosmoz is not so different from real life after all!

Dishonest and armed with bad intentions, they choose their prey viciously and attack easy targets in order to pull off their mean tricks. Here is an investigation into scammers and their favorite pastime: scamming!

Our photo contest is back! This time round, the theme is the magic of Kwismas. Share yours with our team and try to win many prizes!

Dofus Touch Bwork'n Trool: Online! Info - December 13, 2017

We're back with a new update full of Bworks, Trools and Kwismas spirit! Check out the complete changelog for the Bwork'n Trool update!

Prepare to be buried under an avalanche of gifts as the long awaited Advent Calendar is back!

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive #9 Info - November 29, 2017

For the last time in 2017, get ready for a new missive to go over what's coming to DOFUS Touch in the next few weeks!

We are looking for Beta testers for our next major update slated for mid-December!

Having his camera borrowed (actually stolen) by the Amakna bandits, Marco Conut wants you to share your Horrib Isle adventure by means of drawing. In return, the Tourist Agency agent will provide you with enticing rewards!