DOFUS Touch No Emu is a software used to be able to play DOFUS Touch on PC, Mac or Linux. It will no longer be available for use as we have taken the necessary steps to block it. 

We've announced a few days ago that fighting bots is one of our top priorities at the moment. Today, we present to you another solution that will come into play tomorrow: the Captcha.

Dofus Touch Bots and Kamas Info - March 15, 2017
Why are there bots in DOFUS Touch and how do we fight them? Is it legal and secure to buy kamas on the internet? These are a few of the questions that we will discuss in this news.

We’re looking for a talented, passionate individual to join the ranks of our Community Management team!

Dofus Touch Guest Accounts and Bots Info - March 13, 2017

Bots have been at the heart of the community’s concerns for several months now and we promised that our teams would actively work on the problem. Today, we present to you one of the new measures we will take against bots concerning guest accounts.

Dofus Touch Happy Saint Potrick's! Info - March 09, 2017

It's no secret that Pandawas never miss an opportunity to drink fermented bamboo milk! This time, their excuse is more than valid... because today is Saint Potrick's Day! Come and take part in the festivities, there are plenty of events waiting for you!

Patiently and opportunistically, they await you in the shadows. Your mistakes and lapses are your misfortune and their fortune. Investigation into account thieves and their favorite snare: phishing!

If you've always dreamed of being a god, having their powers, and having an army of creatures at your command, you'll love Krosmaga! You'll be able to play it anywhere, anytime, and even receive gifts.