The new Update 1.61, Time to Duel, is now available in-game! Read this changelog to see what's new.

Dofus Touch [SHOP] Race Against Time! Shop - November 28, 2023
The countdown has started. We've only got a few seconds to talk to you. Let's get to it! When the counter reaches zero, there might not be any explosions, but these timelessly appealing offers will vanish from the face of the shop! Quickly!!!
To coincide with the year-end update, featuring 1v1 mode and many other changes to the Kolossium in general, we'd like to offer a FAQ (frequently asked questions). Specifically, it deals with the rating and ranking system.

Now the beta has ended, are you already pining for the changes it made to your favorite MMO? Well, don't worry, because you won't have long to wait! Get ready: The update will come online this November 28!

Yeah! It's finally here! Year after year, it gets a warmer reception. So naturally, it always RSVPs and comes bearing many a gift. That's right, we're talking about Black Friday! Hurry and check out the offers it has in store for you!

Fine. We're exaggerating just a bit. But we had to get your attention somehow. And, you've got to admit that this pack's got you covered. If you're at the end of your rope and the adventure season hasn't lived up to your hopes – don't hesitate! In this pack, you'll find what you need to fix past mistakes and give yourself a much brighter future!

Brrr… Freezing, isn't it? Why don't you do some floor climbs to warm up a bit? It's time for a new edition of Ascension Island, in the snow!

The next rotation of Ascension Island begins tomorrow. To help you prepare, we interviewed the winners of the last rotation, players from the Brutas server, Bexerro, Znup and Maestroborrachon.