The second edition of the All Star Touch tournament is happening right now! As a passionate defender of your server, we're sure you'll want to keep tabs on what's going on in this tournament. Follow all the action on one of our partner streams!

All Star Touch #2 is about to begin, with the first qualification stages set to take place on the Herdegrize and Grandapan servers! Which teams will qualify for the final stages?
Dofus Touch Birthday and Bonus Weekend! Event - September 28, 2022

In a previous post dedicated to 6 years of DOFUS Touch, we told you that a bonus weekend would take place soon in-game! Well, prepare for tons more drops and XP, without putting in tons more effort!

First launched in 2018, the All Star Touch is back for a second edition!  Whether or not you're into PvP, we invite you to support your server, come what may! Psst… There's rewards up for grabs…

Enigmatic as a magic trick, the Mystery Man is definitely the type to leave you little cuttings as clues or riddles… It would be a misdirect! Although there is the matter of a free Mystery Man Set this week, we're not talking about that kind of cutting… But it does have to do with magic! Do you follow?

Dofus Touch Forgenews #1: The Stranger Info - September 22, 2022

The Lance Dur transmedia adventure, which started with the launch of its website, is now officially underway! It's a story packed with information, exclusive images, and tons of revelations about this new hero in the Krosmoz and the in-game impact he'll be having over the weeks and months to come… Welcome to the very first of a continuing series of Forgenews posts!

Comparing yourself to your neighbors, usually to mock their inferiority, should be an official event at the Krozolympics. The Bontarians and Brakmarians are the strongest competitors at this game. Let's leave them to fight their wars in peace… and in high style, with their dedicated sets! Check them out at the same time you take your usual look at our items of the week!

Dofus Touch Sink Me, Landlubbers! Event - September 16, 2022

Is your neighbor acting all boorish? Are your kids spending all day saying things they probably shouldn't? Has your other half stopped brushing their teeth? Don't hold it against them, as they're just continuing the tradition! It will soon be time for Me Hearty Party again in the World of Twelve. You might as well get on board too!