Dofus Touch All Aboard For Albuera! Updates - November 29, 2022

The new Albuera: A Fresh Start update is online! Log into the game now to experience your first steps in the World of Twelve in a new way!  

A free Pink Hatsofftoyou and two Progressopacks adapted to your in-game progression… what more could you ask for? A new rotation of items in the shop? Sure, all you had to do was ask! Oh… and some cookies and hot chocolate too? (Hmm… Be sure to save some of your wishes for Father Kwismas!)

We find ourselves in a period of change for DOFUS Touch. Following the replacement of Incarnam by Albuera, the new tutorial area that guides novice adventurers through their first steps in the game, another significant change has just been completed. Read on to learn about our new system of Goultine Packs!

Dofus Touch Black Friday Is Back! Shop - November 25, 2022

You've been so eagerly awaiting this one that your significant other is officially jealous. Black Friday is back, along with those irresistible deals… Get a peak at what's in store for you this year, whether in DOFUS Touch or the online Ankama Shop!

Ankama Forgenews #3: The Atheist Info - November 17, 2022

With the knowledge you've acquired from earlier Forgenews posts and the Krosmonote (that was a fun one, right?), you may think you already know everything there is to know about Lance Dur, the Forgelances and their various adventures. You couldn't be more mistaken.

After a few arrangements and updates by Ankama's sound team, the most iconic music compositions from DOFUS MMO, WAKFU MMO, the WAKFU animated series, Princess Dragon and even Lance Dur were handed off to the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Listen to – and watch – the results!

Lairs 2.0 Devblog - November 04, 2022 - [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch

With the changes to Incarnam and migration of the lairs to the area around Astrub, the role of these lairs needs to change.
This is also an opportunity for us to iterate on the objectives and rewards associated with the lairs.


In an effort to offer an even more enjoyable and user-friendly gaming experience, we have decided to redesign the Dofus Touch adventure from the very beginning. Update 1.57 will be when we say goodbye to Incarnam and welcome a new area to replace the celestial island, which has witnessed so many adventurers being born there over the years!