Many of you asked for it, and now the team has delivered: Expedition mode is finally on its way! On the menu for this patch: new environments, new challenges and a whole new way to play! Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

The Celestial Gobball's youthfulness and the Regal Griffin's wisdom combined – this new item rotation week is putting perfection within your grasp. Huh? You already reached it? Ah… Well, humility certainly isn't your strong suit… In that case, read on to find out how to, err… make yourself even more perfect.

Dofus Touch PvP Tournament: Granda Cup Info - January 27, 2023

A new PvP tournament is coming to the Grandapan server!

Ankama Forgenews #6: The Rescue Info - January 26, 2023

What? Again?! What else is there to learn about the new areas and the Forgelances? Not all that much, it's true… But as for the Lance Dur animated series, various behind-the-scenes developments and works in progress, and the end of Klimti Swood's story, we've still got a few tidbits to share! Plus, this is also your chance to share your impressions of the recent updates.

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive #16 Event - January 25, 2023

The traditional start-of-year missive is back to take stock of the past year and, most of all, talk to you about the future!

Charismatic and brooding. That's how someone might describe you should the Shadragon Pack become yours. And it's the perfect opportunity to express that dark side we all have. You know, the one that makes you say bad words and pick your nose. Check it out while browsing our items of the week!

Dofus Touch Dungeon Rusher Maxxx 2023 Event - January 23, 2023

Dish out the maximum number of hits, and don't sugarcoat it! From Wednesday, January 25, to Wednesday, February 8, with six times as many bosses for you to beat and prizes for you to win, you should leave them with the sour taste of defeat.

Ankama Compensation for Latency Info - January 19, 2023
DOFUS Touch has recently had stability issues at regular intervals. These issues have been resolved and the game is stable again; we'd like to share more details about it with this article.