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Características de Dragopavo para ser montable

By ZianUc#4982 February 14, 2017, 23:25:17
Hola a todos!!

El motivo de mi post es consultar como deben ser las características de un dragopavo para que sea montable: Energía, Resistencia, Madurez y Amor.

Ademas si la barra de Resistencia-Madurez-Amor debe estar centrada (es decir madurez), o desfasada hacia alguno de los dos lados (resistencia o amor).

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The only stats that matter for riding are Maturity (Has to be an adult) and Energy (required to have energy in order to mount). Love matters for Breeding.  When riding a mount it will lose 1 energy when changing maps, moving between dungeon rooms, and teleporting. When energy is depleted you will not be able to ride your mount until you feed it to restore energy.
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