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Project ! ( en guild recruiting)

By candleglider#2418 June 06, 2016, 02:35:34
Project is a guild dedicated to community and growth in the World of Twelve on Dofus Touch.
With leaders made up of old school Dofus players, Project hopes to take advantage of the new servers and medium in which to play Dofus. Whether you desire to beat all the dungeons, snag all the achievements, max out all of your professions, roll around in a massive amount of kamas, or simply grind low level mobs for riches until your head spins, we’ve got a spot for you.
Project is all about helping one another, allowing you to succeed  in whatever it is you’d like to do in Dofus Touch. With little to no availability when it comes to running multiple accounts, the new iteration of Dofus is guaranteed to bring with it new challenges.
We’re here to take away the monotony and grind by providing a platform for you to ask for help, chat, and aid others in achieving their goals while bettering yourself on the trip. We’re here for you.
We have a Discord to improve commutation between member,  and of course your normal in-game functions in order to communicate and team up as effectively as possible, and in any way you would like. We’re here to take on every challenge this version of Dofus throws at us, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.
Wether you are completely new to dofus and need help with game play and advancement, or an old hand at the game excited for a fresh start on a new server and platform, there is a place for you in project ! 
A few notes and rules:
~ Be polite and friendly in guild chat 
~ To make sure everyone in the guild feels included and reduce begging for leeching we now generally recruit 50+ but will make exemption. 
~ We are on Grandapan and are the leaders of Purge alliance.
Guild is open and recruiting !  PM:
~Atlas~Seren~Bef ~Mr-tofu~Edox~Holland for an invite ! biggrin 
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