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Party Mechanics & How to use the in game Communication System?

By December 19, 2016, 07:06:41
 I am a fairly new player to Dofus-Touch, and even to MMO's in general.  I really enjoy the style and the feel of this game but I find that I'm getting frustrated already because a few fairly important things to understand didn't get any explanation, or tutorial, and I can't find any satisfactory answers here, or elsewhere, online.

If any kind, experienced players could please explain these things, in simple terms, for a complete newbie, I would really appreciate it. I'm guessing that if I have these questions, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

1) How to use the communication system?
- how to send a PM (private message) to another player, and how to respond (privately) if you receive a PM
- how to find people to party up with for specific tasks, or just a random adventure party
- anything else that would be essential, and/or useful, for a new player, concerning the communication system, different channels, etc.

2) How to find/join a guild? 
- when I go to the 'Fellow Pages' and try to look at guilds/alliances, it shows absolutely nothing, even if I type in the name of a guild I KNOW exists on this server (Grandapan). What's up with that?

3)Player Info?
- is there any way to get a bit more detailed information on a random player you come across BEFORE actually inviting them to a party? (As a level 30ish player I don't want to be partying up with those much higher (or lower) in level. However, I don't see any way to get the kind of information you need to make such a decision, except by wasting your time inviting randoms to join you, just so you can see what level they are..... )

4) Party Mechanics
- Leaders, following, teleporting, staying together, and any other useful information regarding functioning proficiently as a party, or as an individual party member.

Whoever can take it upon themselves to give explainations for these things, thank you so much. I really appreciate it, as I wish to enjoy this game and all it has to offer!
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1) A little difficult to explain without screenshots. To talk in a particular channel, all you need to do is click the little star icon in the chat window and select your channel. To PM someone, you must open the private channel, type their name, and then type your message.

Easier method is to just tap on their character or name which will bring up a menu. From there you can select to send them a private meesage.

2/3) Unfortunately, there is no in game system to find guilds or groups aside from using the recruitment channel which is rarely used. It is highly recommended that you join a guild, and the best way to do so is to simply ask around. If you play on Grandapan, your welcome to join mine.

4) When in a group, you can right click on a member's party icon which will give you the option to follow them (point to their location). The only way to teleport your party members is talk to the NPC at dungeon entrances. They will give you an option to "Teleport Group Members". 

As far as how best to be proficient is something that takes a lot of practice and time to understand the game, classes, spells, and monsters. 

Find me in game if you have further questions.

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