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Mercenaries Faction

By Mauri1986#1196 December 28, 2016, 00:57:04
Hi, I am new, and I want to play in a server with this faction, according to what I have read, this faction only exist in some servers, do we have such server in Dofus Touch?

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This faction existis only in a heavy RP French server of the PC version.

Maybe one of the French touch servers has it, but I think it's unlikely
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If you want to role-play a mercenary, then here's what you do: you start a guild with people who really like PvP. You help each other get the best PvP-ready equipment, and all make a coordinated effort to be online at the same time.

Then, you auction your guild's membership in another guild's alliance for help attacking or defending prisms. Pick an hourly rate - probably 4mk an hour - and demand 50% up front.

Or, you and your friends can sell your services to walk people through dungeons for achievements or to unlock Frigost I or II. People regularly pay stupid amounts of money to get the high-level content opened for them. 

Or, you offer your services to help gather resources. They pay each mercenary an hourly rate (anywhere from 250kk to 500kk) plus agree to purchase any of your dropped resources at 50% of the averaged market price or in the absence of an averaged price the available market price.

And so on. There are many ways to be a mercenary. Figure it out.
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