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Hello, OLD player looking for a home.

By September 22, 2016, 02:20:33
When I say old I mean my experience with this game(I'm 24). Played dofus pre 2005ish or 2006 (it was a long time ago) got into wakfu and ran a successful guild about 10 months ago before i didn't like the direction the game was going. Basicaly looking for some friendly active people who have taken the beaten path and dont mind retreading to help a player get back in the right direction. Look forward to meeting some awesome people on the journey! I am on the Dodge server.
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Stay strong
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Hazaaah biggrin.. i am pretty old school myself! What server is dodge again? I was from rushu, but now i play on dofus touch since it is convenient, and allows me to play when i want to without getting in the way of real life activities :>
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Old here too, was on roseta server, but after getting married and having a baby I left the game. But now that Touch is out, Im going to see if I can play during my off times. Doubt any dungeon runts will be possible with friends haha, but we'll see. I have been playing since around 2010. smile
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If any of you all play on the Grandapan server, let me know. I'll have a home for you ^^.
IGN: Grim-Reaper
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