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I'm new in the game, need some help

By November 10, 2017, 00:47:22
Well, I've played Dofus a long time ago, and now, I started Dofus touch, but don't remember a thing. I need some hints to start, make money for sets, btw, all that a new player need. All I have is a level 30 sacrier with adventurer set and no money. Thanks for the help.
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Juegas en Brutas, agregame mi personaje  es Kriss-kraz con gusto te ayudo
-Saludos nos vemos en el juego
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Welcome back to Dofus.

First: complete _ALL_ the quests in Incarnum, Astrub (including the Astrub bounties available at the jail marked with a sheriff's star), and the Rocky Inlet. These will be good for experience, carry you past at least level 50, and put some kamas in your pocket. With the recent addition of the Lairs in Incarnum, you can now win set pieces that are quite a bit more powerful than the Adventurer set you're wearing.

Second: If you're prepared to work a profession, then you should start with a harvesting profession such as miner, lumberjack, farmer, fisherman (guide:, or hunter (guide: Miner, lumberjack, and farmer are better harvesting professions for low level players, but if you don't mind the greater difficulty then you can also do fisherman or hunter. If you pick a harvesting profession, be sure to get the companion crafting profession: Miner (jeweler, weapon smith), Lumberjack (weapon carver, handyman), Farmer (baker), Fisherman (fishmonger), or Hunter (butcher). 

Kamas are slow to start, but they come faster as you get better and learn the ins and outs of your profession. Keep in mind that many professions in Dofus make more money indirectly. For example, jewelers, smiths, and carvers often make more money crafting gear that they shatter for runes than they do selling the gear as-is, and the hunter makes money hand over fist on the resource market selling everything else other than the meat that they drop.

If you're patient, then you can also raise bow meows, kwaks, bworkies, bow wows, crows, and any other pet you can find that requires a steady diet of food. It's got a 3-6 month turn-around, but if you feed enough pets then you can acquire tens of millions of kamas worth of them.

If you're playing on Grandapan, feel free to add me (ign: Immortan-Joe) and I'll invite you to join my guild or another one in my alliance that's looking for new members. 
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very good guide to start
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