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How to improve your class?

By kubaert#4291 April 06, 2018, 09:05:03
Hey guys, I have osamadas on 34lvl and I have no idea how to become better. I try to get my whole gobbal set by selling some wheat and I am trying to solo lvling. The problem is I am not able to do solodungeons and exping allon is not efficient. And I am not able to kill most of the dooples -.-. How to live guys, any advises xD?
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I made my way to 68 (osa) basically doing quests/ missions... To be honest I am not a fan of solo fighting. Kwistmas is giving good exp and I think you have enough lvl to do at least some of it.
As for money, sell everything (some loot is worth nothing, some is worth quite a bit), not just wheat (actually, don't sell the wheat, if you are desperate for money and like the crafting system become a baker and sell bread). Also, I never had my full gob set.... As I said, I was doing quests, so and some random pieces of equip were enough until I bought my Jelly set... I am still not 100% sold on it, I am sure I need to swap out some pieces for better versions.
Dungeons give good exp (specially the first time if you manage to hit some missions), but you probably will need to ask for help (sometimes just waiting at the door is enough.... More often you need to bring your own group).
Everything else... There is really no secret. Get better (read - more expesive) equipment, invest your points in characteristics and spells...

That was my experience, anyway. Hope it gives you some ideas.
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