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Which Role is demanded (in Teams)

By November 13, 2018, 12:11:24
Ave smile

After a short test months ago, now I just started with the game, and i hope that someone can answer the following question:

Which "Team-Jobs" are demanded atm? In another game where I play, there are always too many DD's and too less Tanks and Healers. How about here? (I read that Dofus has a 4th Role as "positioner")
I play as same often alone as I want to play in a team, and I really don't care about my part, as long as I am needed.

thx in advance

Tene smile
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In this game the people dont care too much about your class if you do well your job 
If you started playing this and you play solo or co-op the most easy characters to start are the iop (warrior) and ocra (the archer) they can do a pretty good damage.
if you want to be a healer you need to know that when you recive damage there a % of HP that cant be healed until the fights ends if you have more questions feel free to ask
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