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Updated leveling guide?

By August 26, 2019, 16:27:11
Hi, I've seen many leveling guides (both written and in video), but I don't get the XP they say I'll get. For example, some people say at level 4x I could go to scaras, the beach or jellys, and they get about like 90k exp, while I get 9k. Why is that? Was the exp nerfed or am I missing something? What are good places to train?

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Between closet ur character level to moob, u won most XP
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tal ves ellos eran de sabi, con bonus pack y la bonificacion de almanax.
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Achievements, well that was the common way before the new update at least, and the fun way before
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Hi hltththeif,
For maximum experience use Bonus Pack (adds a 1.5x multiplier), a cawwot dofus (adds 60 wisdom), a wisdom mount/pet (40-55 wisdom), and play with friends (fun multiplier x infinite).
Other options to consider are wisdom characteristics and wisdom gear.

Good luck,
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Dont forget to check how much xp you are donating to the mount
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