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Is a Wisdom set worth?

By Shinzy#3361 September 12, 2019, 20:50:17

Currently a level 38 Cra after playing for 2 days. Leveling feels much quicker than Dofus... So I was wondering if it's worth buying a Prespic set for the Wisdom, or if it's just better to get a damage set and kill stronger/higher level stuff for XP?

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it depends on if you fight with others or you fight solo.  If with friends that can leach you then get the Prespic set.

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Hi Shinzy, 
As a general power leveling guide I'd ask the question can you kill 2-3 monsters roughly half your level while wearing the prespic set? 

If you can than great! Go with the prespic set.

If you can't than perhaps invest some characteristic points into your damage element. 

If all else fails because of not enough damage than kill incarnum gobbals (kill gobbals for their wool and start working on professions) smile 

Good luck,

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