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Balancing Strength #4

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - September 06, 2022, 10:15:00
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1. In-Combat Communication System

The communication system in combat has been completely redesigned. It can be accessed via the button next to the one that opens chat.

The old system had various problems, which we have tried to solve with the following changes:

  • The button used for the feature is now easier to read.
  • Contextual messages are now available based on the cell you target (ally, enemy, summon, empty, etc.).
  • The global interface has been adapted to mobile and allows you to communicate tactical advice in just three taps.
  • Information communicated is visible in the team chat, even if the Team channel has not been enabled.

We felt it was very important to improve communication in combat because it is not very clear in a mobile format!

2. Class Balancing

There has been some new class balancing in this update. Read this devblog to learn more!

3. Quests and Achievements

  • In the quest "Maya the Bee-Autiful", you now need to win the fight against the Vespal Bearbarians to properly complete the step.
  • The achievement related to Game Master quests can now be completed.

4. Equipment

New Equipment

  • Castuc Set, level 200
  • Viral Set, level 200
  • Terror, level 200 sword
  • Koutoulou Bow, level 200 bow

Equipment Changes

Cycloid Set
Effect added:

  • 2 items: +5 MP Parry
  • 3 items: +10 MP Parry


  • The Pandawa class set has been modified to cater to the new spells.
  • The effects of the Dofushu passive are now correctly applied.
  • The Gobball Horn Bow's stats have been corrected.

5. Miscellaneous

  • Some of the following Temple Dopple spells have been modified to speed up combat: Sram, Sadida, Enutrof, Eniripsa, Osamodas and Feca.
  • On Ascension Island, if a character dies before Shushlicker's turn of control, the effect will be canceled.
  • You can now double-tap to use the Catalyst item for legendary weapons.
  • Piwi archmonsters will no longer erroneously spawn on a quest map.
  • You no longer have to log out and log back in to use awakening materials purchased from the shop (meant for legendary weapons).
  • Abandoned houses and paddocks will progressively be put back up for sale after maintenance. More info here.