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Update 1.45.0

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - February 04, 2020, 04:01:55
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As we've announced in Missive #13, we are focusing on improving your gaming experience during the first months of 2020. Discover the updates in this changelog!



  • The search bars in the various inventories and the bank now work for soul stones.
  • It is now possible to search for conquest zones on the world map.
  • When a perceptor is attacked, it is now possible to open the defense interface directly by touching the link in the chat window.
  • The AP and MP Parry icons have been fixed in the timeline and no longer have the same appearance as the AP and MP icons.
  • A message now appears in the chat window when your mount levels up.
  • Touching a spell in the shortcut bar outside of a fight lets you get to the context menu again, which quickly opens the spell book or deletes the spell from the shortcut bar.
  • The ergonomics for donning equipment from the inventory have been improved:
    • Touching an item of equipment once highlights it;
    • Touching it a second time (even after several seconds) will equip the character with the item;
    • A quick double tap still works to quickly don the equipment.


  • Using the Sram spell "Epidemic" twice on the same target no longer cancels the first casting if one of the two castings is a critical hit.
  • The way pets are displayed now updates in the preparation phase when the player changes pets.
  • The spell "Dopplesque Feca Shield" has been updated so it will match the Feca spell following the balancing carried out in September 2019.
  • Fighting General Kazar no longer causes abnormal latency.


  • Frigost's Snowbound Village: Invading the village no longer affects the rendering of quests (and therefore the rendering of wanted notices).
  • Frigost's Snowbound Village: The quests offered by the NPCs on map [-75,-74] now start correctly in any situation.


  •  Abandoned houses and paddocks are put up for sale. Learn more.
  • The way Dark Vlad's reappearance time is indicated by the NPC at [-9,-40] will now always remain correctly up to date.
  • The recipe for the Treebow has been changed.
  • The recipe for the Cra Elixir has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to change professions for free up to level 40 (rather than 30) of the character (rather than of the profession) in Incarnam.
  • It is no longer possible to move around in the form of a grave when a character has no more energy.
  • The February 9 Almanax has been changed following the changes made to the Cania area in December 2019.
  • The dialogues of the various NPCs in the tournament area have been fixed in order to be able to enter and leave arenas correctly.
  • Several maps in the World of Twelve have been fixed, especially regarding isolated cells.
  • Christmas decorations have been removed.
  • The in-game guild and alliance directory has been updated.


  • Hunters of all levels: The Arachnee, Aggressive Arachnee, Major Arachnee, and Sick Arachnee monsters now let you collect "Insect Flesh".
  • Hunters of at least level 50: The Piglet, Pigoblet the Useful, Pignolia, Lousy Pig Shepherd, and Lousy Pig Knight monsters now let you collect "Pork Loin **".
  • Hunters of at least level 60: The Bliblycerin, Bliblimead, Blibliternal, and Bliblitch monsters now let you collect "Pork Loin ***".
  • Hunters of at least level 50: The Miliboowolf monster now lets you collect "Muzzle **".
  • Hunters of at least level 70: The Weirbwork, Burnabwork, Mabwork, and Megabwork monsters now let you collect "Muzzle ***".
  • Hunters of at least level 50: The Drinker, Tamed Crow, Crovus, Horace the Tamed Crow, Kapotie the Drinker, Crowfox, and Foxo the Crowfox monsters now let you collect "Bird Meat ***".
  • Temporal Powder: Pepper has replaced Water in the recipe.
  • Spices: Cherries have replaced Pepper in the recipe.
  • It is now possible to collect "Bags of Magical Cure" from the following monsters: Breakrock Knight, Yobbomark Knight, Knockarock, Major-Yoberal Selim Quartz, Leatheraxer, Yobreaker, Barbrossa, Flib's Cursed Chest, Gourlo the Terrible, Ze Flib, Sparo, Plain Pikoko, Polished Crackrock, Polished Crackler, Kido, Kilibriss, Mufafah, Silf the Greater Bherb, Leopardo, Maho Firefoux, Peki Peki, Soryo Firefoux, and Yokai Firefoux.
  • It is now possible to collect "Bags of Pepper" from the following monsters: Bliblimead, Bliblycerin, Blibliternal, Bliblitch, Mastogob, Mastogob Warrior, Venerable Mastogob, Mastogobbly, Royal Mastogob, Leopardo Ghost, Maho Firefoux Ghost, Pandikaze Ghost, Pandora Ghost, Pandulum Ghost, Soryo Firefoux Ghost, Tanukouï San Ghost, and Yokai Firefoux Ghost.
  • It is now possible to collect "Bags of Cherries" from the following monsters: Dok Alako, Wild Koalak, Drakoalak, Reapalak, Koalak Forester, Mama Koalak, Brown Warko, Koalak Warrior, Morello Cherry Koalak, Pippin Koalak, Koalak Master, Koalak Rider, Purple Warkon, Coco Koalak, Bloody Koalak, Koalak Mummy, Piralak, Ryukualak the Bored, Koalakropolis the King of the Hill, Koelloggs the Creator, Fisheralf the Stewart, Worka the Willful, Jackoalak the Ripper, Koaldmen the Grumpy, Koaldman the Garish, Jackoalak the Moonwalker, Piralhaka the Intimidator, Snapoalak the Redhead, Warko the Inky, Popoalak the Mousibrown, Crackoalak the Blonde, Mamankalak the Bibliomaniac, Koalak Gravedigger, Fisheralak, Chukoalak the Norris, Dokterwho the Tardisporter, Koalsen the Similar, Drakoamax the Mad, and Koaly the Fiddler.


  • The Add A Character Slot service is once again available in the Shop.
  • Starting today, Prestige cosmetic items will be rotated every month. Find out the first batch!