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Update 1.46.0

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - March 17, 2020, 10:53:00
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A new major update is available in DOFUS Touch! As planned, we are continuing to identify the various problems encountered in the game in order to gradually resolve them and make practical, technical and aesthetic improvements. Here is the full changelog.



  • When changing characters on the same account, the first character's inventory no longer appears instead of the second connected character's.
  • In the spell book, when the player is using an incarnation, it is now specified that it cannot level up its spells on its own.
  • When using the command %xp% while the player is using an incarnation, the experience shown is now the incarnation's.
  • The random disconnection problem when trying to access information about a guild has been fixed.
  • In the recipes and professions interfaces, the level and profession needed to craft items are now shown immediately.
  • The description of the Dofushu now states that this Dofus can be used to unlock the spell "Binary Bloodlust".
  • In the options, you can now show message times in the chat window.
  • Ascension Island rewards are now shown in the chat window when received.
  • Prospecting provided by pets is now correctly taken into account when displaying a group of players.


  • When you disconnect during a fight (before or after your turn), the current turn is no longer automatically skipped. If you don't reconnect, however, the next turns will be automatically skipped.
  • How damage for the Ecaflip "Rekop" spell is displayed in the spell's description has been fixed.
  • The Sram "Trap of Silence" spell is now correctly taken into account as indirect damage.
  • When an allied Sram is invisible, movement previews now avoid the Sram correctly.
  • Damage reduced by the "Feca Shield" and "Ecaflip's Luck" spells is now always reduced correctly after the 10th attack suffered during the same turn.
  • The Osamodas "Lashing Claw" spell has been fixed: Damage is no longer abnormally reduced if more than two Summons strike the same target.
  • When an Osamodas takes control of a Summons using the "Symbiosa" spell, the critical hits shown are now the Summons's and no longer the player's.
  • The latency experienced when a monster tries to flee from a player has been corrected. To apply the fix, it is necessary to relaunch the app twice.


  • Snowbound Village: The "A Friend Who Doesn't Have Your Best Interests at Heart" quest can now be started and completed correctly even if the village has been invaded.
  • Snowbound Village: A new NPC has been added to the Snowbound Village Militia map at [-75,-74] – Gee Juman. The NPC is assigned to the "A Bloody Collection" quest so progressing through it will no longer interfere with the other quests offered by Baka Laive. In addition, it is now possible complete the quest even if there is an ongoing invasion. However, canceling the quest still requires the village to have been liberated.
  • The problem preventing achievement rewards from being received for the boss Royal Rainbow Blop has been fixed.


  • Two new roleplay commands are available in the chat window: /me and /thinking.
  • When a player turns into a ghost and changes characters, context menus now open correctly.