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Update 1.49.2

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - December 17, 2020, 09:15:00
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  • The magical island of Kwismas opens its doors! Learn more.
  • Contents of the Kwismas gift has been changed to reflect the updates made this year.
  • The Kwismas Dragoturkey respawn time has been reduced.
  • The location of the NPC Adrienne has been changed following the Pandala revamp. The compass correctly indicates the new location. The NPC Blimpboa is currently unavailable, learn more.


  • The recipe for Daguiero's Daggers has been changed, now allowing Shihan's Fans to be crafted correctly.
  • The recipe for the Hemal Axe is no longer hidden.


  • Some Panji models in the Panjidex have been updated and are now more faithful to what the player is expected to achieve.


  • Grandapan now correctly gives the quest "Pandala's Awakening".
  • During the quest "Pandissidence", if the player loses the fight against the Pandikazes, he can now go to the map [19, -35] to be teleported to the combat map.
  • The characteristics needed for the quest "Whatever You Do, Don’t Make Waves" has been reduced.
  • During the quest "The Wind is Picking Up", the player no longer loses resources if he does not bring back all the quest items at the same time.
  • During the quest "Spirituality Unleashed", the player can now correctly return the Feudala-Infused Stone in the event that he had already collected it before the update and still has the objective "Collect a Feudala-Infused Stone". You can go back and tap the stone in order to validate the objective.
  • The quest "It Never Wains But It Pouws" can be started again correctly after, among other objectives, completing the quest "Your First Dofus?".
  • Some problematic Goroku Seeds have been fixed.
  • During the quest "A Close Shave", Bry Lekreme's dialogue has been corrected and no longer blocks player progress.
  • To start the quest "Trip Around the World", it is now necessary for the character to be 4 days or older after leaving Incarnam. This is a compromise to tackle bots and excessive kamas generation while not removing quest rewards for players.
  • The "Trapper By Nature" achievement no longer asks for monsters that are not available in the game.


  • The titles “Veteran of Old Pandala” and “Doyen of Old Pandala” have been redistributed.
  • The dialogue of the NPC Mira Hagata has been corrected for players learning the Mining profession.
  • Various texts and translations have been corrected.