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Update 1.50.0

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - April 13, 2021, 11:30:00
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Like in 2020, we wanted to use the first few months of the year to make various in-game fixes and improvements. Read all about them in this new changelog!



  • The number of items requested during quests for the "Sustainable Growth" achievement has significantly reduced (divided by two or three for some items).
  • The conditions for starting the "It Never Wains But It Pouws" Cawwot Dofus quest have changed to improve its accessibility:
    • the "Your First Dofus?" quest must be validated;
    • the "Pandavignon" quest must be validated;
    • the "Finding Wabbitland" quest must be validated;
    • the "Astrubian Rumours" quest must be validated;
    • and the character must be above level 49 (a prerequisite for the "Pandavignon" quest).
  • Some items requested during the "Spirituality Unleashed" quest were of too high a level and have been replaced.
  • If the player does not have the box of badges to complete the lairs, they will now be able to collect it in any one of them.
  • The description of the "Close the Gap" quest has been adapted to the items requested during the quest.
  • The way in which quests to be completed for certain achievements are displayed has changed.
  • All rewards earned during the "An Eternal Harvest" quest are now displayed in the chat interface.
  • When the player tried to get the quest from the YeCh'ti wanted poster while the game was in Spanish, the wrong quest was given. This issue has been fixed.
  • Master Yakasi's dialogue has been adapted if the player has completed the "The Relics of Setsun" and "The Relics of Ryzsun" quests.
  • How the "Mel O'Drama" quest works have changed to avoid certain issues if defeated during the quest's fight.
  • The Vulkania "Beware of the Sauroshells" quests have changed for next summer: The vials can now be collected inside, but also outside the craters.
  • During the "Be Fecaful! My Herd!" quest, the NPC Allisteria now has a question mark above her head to indicate that the quest can be continued.


  • The chat text field is now located at the very top of the chat interface to prevent your keyboard from hiding it.
  • The "Position my character" option when pressing the character now works outside of combat.
  • In the end-of-combat interface, an icon has been added next to the nicknames of players who were in the fight so you can add them as friends if you want to.
  • The group interface now displays the group's total level, its total Prospecting, and its average Initiative.
  • In the spell shortcut bar, you can now use the arrow to go from the first page to the last page.
  • When the player activates their PvP alignment mode, the wings are now displayed around the character in the relevant interface.
  • When this same interface was opened for the first time, the character was not displayed. This issue has been fixed.
  • Text in popups when the player becomes a ghost has changed to be more explicit, especially for new players.
  • During the Incarnam tutorial, Joris's dialogues no longer hide other NPCs' dialogues.
  • During the Incarnam tutorial, the green arrows that indicate certain locations for items and buttons in order to guide the player no longer remain erroneously displayed.
  • When the player places a flag on the world map, the directional arrow now indicates whether there are buildings on the targeted map.
  • When the player shares multiple items in the chat interface, the "undefined" text no longer appears.
  • The interface to select guild and alliance emblems' colors when creating them has improved.
  • It is no longer necessary to log out to reveal the icon for a newly placed Perceptor on the world map.
  • Certain context menus no longer remain erroneously open, even when the player changes maps.
  • Kamas are no longer displayed in the dragoturkey interface, since it is impossible to drop them into it.
  • The character's color preview is now updated properly when the character regains their natural colors after a fight.


  • The recipe for the Cape Anama has changed; it can once again be crafted normally.
  • The Hir Hat and Hir Cape items are now ceremonial items.
  • The Ginger Bow Meowette pet is now a ceremonial pet.
  • It is no longer possible to stack the item Puddlies' Scroll. Note: As a result of this change, it is not possible to receive this scroll at this time.
  • The following Prestige petsmounts and pets are now immortal: Mechadrhell, Sourachnee, Karmeleon, Alabaster Skrot, Feanor, Tiwabbit Wosungwee, Komet, Eliom, Dauge, and Bloalak.
  • The Eliom pet can now feed on Mush Tup monsters.
  • The Scarakiri improvement potion has been removed from the game.


  • The number of Plant Resins required to craft planks has halved.
  • When harvesting a resource, the tool displayed and used by the character is now systematically adapted to the profession.
  • The weight of sacks of Pandkin Seeds has reduced.


  • In some situations, how cells under certain opponents were displayed implied that the player could reach the opponents while no line of sight was available. This issue has been fixed.
  • Monsters that are killed and have the ability to resurrect no longer cause a fight to fail.
  • It is no longer possible to start a fight and use the "Attack" option on one of the monsters in front of you.
  • Immature Korriander has been fixed so that it correctly summons its monsters regularly.
  • Pandawas' cloaks no longer disappear after using the Chamrak spell.
  • When watching a fight in spectator mode, the remaining turns for bonuses and penalties provided by a Rogue's bombs are now updated properly.
  • The experience provided by the Zombrute, Kanigrula, and Crakillian bosses was erroneously high in groups of four, five, six, and seven. This issue has been fixed.


  • Ascension Island rotations will now be a bit longer but a bit more spaced out.
  • New monsters and bosses can now appear on Ascension Island: Kanigrula, Crakillian, Tanukouï San, Hanshi, and Shihan.
  • New boss duos can now appear on Ascension Island: Bworker + Legendary Crackler, Celestial Bearbarian + Wa Wobot, Sponge Mob + Ancestral Treechnid, Bworkette + Kanigrula, Kanniball Andchain + Skeunk, Royal Pingwin + Boostache, Dragon Pig + Wa Wobot, Ronin Chafer + Nelween, Golden Scarabugly + Great Coralator, Nelween + Wa Wabbit, and Kanniball Andchain + Batofu.


  • Fixed the issue that prevented some players from heading to maps on the left.
  • Fixed how character movement is calculated on maps that have multiple levels/floors.
  • A character can no longer appear as invisible once they arrive on the map of their class statue in Astrub.


  • Using certain emotes is no longer prevented when the player wants to use several of them without moving their character.
  • It is now impossible to capture the Zombrute boss, since this boss has a strategy that cannot work in arenas.
  • Outside of combat, a cooldown period has been added to certain consumables such as magic balloons and fairyworks.
  • The description of the "Rasputin Cake" resource has changed.
  • The description of the "Chichala Flask" item has changed.
  • Fixed several texts and maps.

We hope these changes will make your gaming experience even better!

As for the rest, we will keep working on the remaining issues and adding some content. We'll see you again just before summer to show you all the ins and outs!

Then it'll be time for the long-awaited class balancing and revamps – our work on these has already begun. After announcing the Eniripsa revamp in the March Ankama (Not) Live, you can also expect more details in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, more minor and usual weekly updates will continue to be rolled out in order to fix some issues.

To conclude this new update, we're giving you the code DTAPRIL2021 to use on this page before 10:00 AM (Paris time) on Tuesday, April 20, to collect a 1-day Bonus Pack and some fairyworks.

See you soon!