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Conditions of Reselling Abandoned Houses and Paddocks

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - February 28, 2017, 12:40:18

Hello everyone,

We have updated the conditions in determining abandoned houses and paddocks as well as the date of reselling them. This update applies to all DOFUS Touch servers.

Here are the new conditions

  • A house becomes abandoned when the account that owns it has not logged into the server after 1 month. After an additional 1 month, the house will be relisted for sale.
  • A paddock becomes abandoned when it has not been used by its guild members after 1 month. After an additional 1 month, the paddock will be relisted for sale.
  • We will be reselling inactive houses and paddocks every first server maintenance of the month starting April 2017.

When the house is relisted for sale:
  • The contents of all chests in the house will be transferred into the owner’s bank.
  • The inactive owner will be refunded the default purchase price in Kamas of the house.

When the paddock is relisted for sale:
  • Breeding machines will be transferred to the guild leader's bank.
  • Mounts will be transferred to the bank of their owners.
  • The default purchase price in Kamas of the paddock will be refunded to the guild leader's bank.

After the maintenance, the process would need a few hours (between 4 and 24 hours) to refresh the listing of houses and paddocks available.