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[NOTED] Removal of notifications for perceptor attacks

By osello#5897 December 01, 2022, 21:49:17

I am here with a suggestion for future updates.

Since you convened to reduce cooperation within guilds in an alliance, and now after albuera update it became impossible to defend perceptors from other guilds, why don't you remove the notification too?
It is just annoying, as you can't do much and if you are in a large alliance is a continuum. 
I would suggest that, at least for perc, you may re-enforce the old single guild perceptor defence system (here we go back to 2010s... How long I played this game!).

Pleas do something to fix this, it became such a frustrating issue.

Thanks a lot
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Hi osello#5897,

We are aware of the Alliance not being able to defend Perceptors, the issue is being checked.
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