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Beware of the Novice Sauroshells - not possible to end the quest

By Krorr September 05, 2017, 13:05:17
Character name: Aspide
Date and time: since 1 week +
Map: Vulkania
Server: Dodge

Bug description: I complete the task to kill 5 each (the counter has been flagged) and instruction is for "talk to Seamus Tard, but Seamus Tard do not give option to end this quest, he allows only option for Crystal Rasha
Reproducibility process:
I tried with different devices with different OS, loggin and re-logging several time, but nothing changes
Screenshots: N/A

if possible let me know if this is a know problem.
thanks & cheers
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Just wanted to chime in and say this happened to me as well. I started off by killing the mobs in the craters and went to turn in the quest, wasn't given the option. I learned that I needed to kill the mobs in the forest, not the craters, and I would receive a drop for each kill. I did this and once i had all the drops I went back to the quest giver to turn it in and I still could not turn it in. I've tried multiple times to go back and give in the quest with no luck. This is especially frustrating because without this quest I cannot complete an achievement for Vulkania. Any information from Ankama staff would be welcome. 

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Update: no idea if somebody from the staff made an intervention, if so thanks!
Anyway there were some messages like a sort of update on this quest, at a certain point I had to kill 5 dry Novice Sauroz more and I was able to speak with Seamus, make the achievement. BUT the quest is still on my quest log, I should speak with Seamus again to end it... 

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