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Impossible to catch a fish in Permafrost Port

By Disgustus#5831 November 19, 2017, 17:50:47
Character name: Immortan-Joe

Date and time: 11/19/2017

Map: 54174503

Server: Grandapan

Bug description: The fish spawn shown on the middle left of the picture underneath the bell hanging from the boat is impossible to catch. It's too far away from the edge to be caught even by a 100 fisherman equipped with the longest fishing rod. For whatever reason, every time I attempt to catch the fish my alt runs behind the building with the crane pulling up a net of fish and is too far away to catch the fish.

Reproducibility process: Every damn time.


Incidentally, reporting these kinds of bugs--one bug per ticket, one ticket per bug!--is a massive pain in the tuckus because the forum's anti-flooding measures won't let me post all the bugs I have to share without making me wait for an extended period of time: Would be really cool if there were a Zendesk kind of option for submitting bug reports, because this method of reporting them on the forum is really clunky.
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You can make all your reports through the Dofus Touch server in Discord.
Remember that repeating posts in the forum is prohibited
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I don't have Discord installed on my phone--no space left for any other apps.

None of these are duplicate posts. They're all individual bug reports as can be seen by the included screenshots.
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