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Can't fish anywhere on server Dodge!

By Laus11 April 30, 2018, 22:38:05
Character name: Yknip
Date and time: all the time and since I started Dofus Touch, about a week ago.
Map: Incarnam, Astrub, Amakna village, Suffokia etc.
Server: Dodge
Bug description: there are fishingspots everywhere, but can't be used. There are only 4 spots in Incarnam that can be used, but that is all. In Astrub, Amakna, the beach, use for fishing.
I have this with all 5 characters. And the spots do say that your level is too low, but the low lvl spots just don't work. You tap and run to the spot and nothing happens. I don't know yet if the same is for the higher level fishing spots. Can you please do someting about it? Thanks!
Reproducibility process: 

Note: in Astrub found 4 fishing spots as well. 

That can be used, that is smile.

Sorry, I think I made a little mistake about this! You may delete this thread! 
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