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[NOTED] Problem with the 'target' function on items.

By footmenfrenzynolife#9013 May 25, 2018, 00:57:07
I have only played Dofus Touch for a few days, and one of the key things that annoys me a lot is how unreliable the 'target' function is on items. Most of the time the unreliability is bearable, but in order to finish the quest 'Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag', the scissors have to be targeted successfully 10+ times. The 'target' feature seems to only work a very small amount of times, or maybe the hitbox is very small. It is very frustrating to try and finish this quest for hours while unsuccessfully targeting with the scissors 95% of the time. This seems to be a common problem, as I have seen similar questions on other threads concerning the same thing, though as far as I am concerned there has not been a resolving answer. Is there a trick to using the 'target' function, or will there be a fix soon? Thanks.
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Yeah theres a big problem with using healing and undertaker potions for the ava too. Please fix this broken feature.
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The "target" function needs to be redesigned completely. It is one of the least intuitive game controls I have ever seen. You have to move the item from your inventory into the quick action toolbar, to start with. Then you have to tap the item to see the list of options for that item. Then, instead of tapping on the word "target", you have to drag the word "target" onto the character you are targeting. After all that, it works only half the time or less. How about changing the function so that you only need to drag an item from your quick toolbar onto a character in order to use that item on the character? That would save time and be easy to figure out. I have needed to explain the target function to many players, most of whom say they would never have figured it out. I had to search the forums myself to find out how to do it.
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