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The Gastronomic Art (Dofus Touch)

By lxProgamerxl#1857 June 06, 2018, 23:35:45

I received all the items to give to Caesal but I cant even give him the items. This is most likely a personal problem but it's stopping my progress in getting the cawwot dofus. Please help!

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Are you sure you got all of them? Consider that you need a GLILLED Wabbit Paw, not a normal one.

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Is this quest bugged?  I clicked on the grill to get the 'glilled wabbit paw' and my journal updated, but when I went back to Caesal it looks like a don't have the in in my inventory and I can't give him any items.

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You need to actually grill a wabbit paw on the grill by crafting it.

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