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Bonus pack not working for my cra (close, solved)

By preyder#8010 July 27, 2018, 13:12:26

Yesterday i bought a bonus pack with kamas, with the intention of lvl up my cra (has x2) but today  it's te only character in my account without bonus pack active, even my higher char wins A LOT better exp. What's going on?

Edit: my lvl 100 dragoturkey was taking the 90% xp so GG. I won't forget this fail.

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Are you sure about this? I see kind of impossible for you to only having one character receiving bonus exp and another that doesn't, unless they are in differen accounts.

Consider that the rate of experiencie you receive is higher the higher your level is. This means that if you have a lvl 1 character with x4 exp and bonus pack, it probably won't get more experience than a level 100 character with x1 exp and bonus pack.

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