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[Bug report] reporting list of bugs #1 [EN]

By shinov September 10, 2018, 15:52:31

hello i have some issues / bugs/ not properly working staff

1. not response ? / kick from server on 1 bad connection (internet issue) - it should auto connect it back (about that its freezes and u cant connect back) - mostly happens in fights
2. Downloading full map (2Gcool - transfer this files on diffrent server with bigger down /up stream i cant reach more than 500KB/s and after almost all of them are downloaded error occur and i need to verify it again (screen at point 5.)
3. auto reseting position of combat queue
4. "Shop" wont work, u can't access it (for me) - i can access it once at the beginning b4 i take this beginner sword) - maybe i miss something

i will send more feedback later then i find more
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