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Freezing During Combat

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - February 28, 2019, 14:00:00
Hello everyone,

As mentioned in Missive #12, we wanted to focus on solving important bugs such as the AP displayed after using the "Precipitation" spell (among others), and issues with "dead cells". These will be fixed in early March. We would like to thank everyone that helped us crush these bugs.

We now want to discuss with you the issue of freezing during combat, especially in the Kolossium.

If you experience this, please share with us the following information by posting a reply in this thread:
  • The device that you are using:
  • The OS version of your device:
  • Where did you experience it: while in the Kollosium, in a dungeon, defending perceptors, etc.
  • Did you experience it after a particular action or situation: while casting a spell, loss of connection, when chatting, etc.
  • Any other information that could be relevant:

To help us in our investigation, please be clear and specific as much as possible!

Thank you!
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Please address almanax bug!
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 phone: LG K30 model LM-X40PM,
Freezing occuring wabbit islands, had to restart phone multiple times to reconnect.

It seems i experience it at random, albiet frequently
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Phone: xiomi mi A1, Android 9

Freezing happens every fight on my turn, mostly when using spells that interect with others (I will cast the spell and the nothing will happen until the end of the turn when the spell takes effect) there was no problem with internet at the time 

Thank you in advance

After checking again the lagging accur only when playing masq class
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porfavor solucionen problemas en vez de estar metiendo eventos aburro que quiera jugar un kolizeo y se y se trabe hacer perder no solo tiempo si no kolichas a otros que fastidio enserio preocupense mas por nosotros que por meter partes de set y mejoras estupidas
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Score : 140
Device: Pixel C tablet
OS: Android 7.1.1

Combat freezes when fighting rogue dopple (lvl 160 I think) and either I or my summons attack it from close range and it repels (when it has a repelling debuff starting on the 2nd turn).  This freeze happens every time in this situation, and lasts for around 15-20 seconds.

Fighting the sram dopple often freezes too on the dopple's turn when it is invisible, although this freeze is shorter.
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When I'm on a mount and in a fight with my masquerider character there's no animation for picada spell and it makes the fight very laggy (only when I'm in a fight with other players and only when I'm on a mount) when I'm off my mount it seems to work smoothly. So I suppose it has something to do with it
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siempre al turno 4 o 5 en adelante la partida en cualquier tipo de combate se pone lento o sin mas no te deja jugar .. echizo baliza x3 en combate relentiza la pelea si el daño es en mas de 2 congela la imagen y no es problema de mi operador de internet ni de mi dispositivo!... desde que abrieron la beta hasta la actu de 4 ases veo este problema! espero resuelvan algo de esto!
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LG K51S modelo LM-K510BMW
jogo travando com frequência nas batalhas após uso de habilidades aleatórias me forçando a ter que me reconectar perdendo assim vários turnos
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