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Sorting of Dragoturkeys is reversed everytime a button filter (e.g. color) is pressed or Dragoturkey names are changed

By full-Elias June 19, 2019, 09:03:28

This is an unwanted behavior more than a bug.

Description: The order in which dragoturkeys are displayed is reversed whenever (1) a filter is used, (2) a dragoturkey's name is changed, and (3) a dragoturkey is moved between the paddocks, stable, and certificate tab.

- The filter 0% tiredness reverses the list of dragoturkeys everytime that button is pressed (even if the list is not sorted). The same with any other filter.
- The list is also reversed for every character that is input in the "name" filter.
- Changing the name of a dragoturkey also reverses the list.
- Moving a mount from the stable to the paddock also reverses the displayed list.

Expected behavior: The order of the list should not change when a filter is applied.

- Put a check similar to "Select All". If selected, all sortings are in reversed order (currently it is annoying to press twice  given sorting option to get a reversed list)
- Add an option to sort by number of matings.

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