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Tacturett/harpooner push bug

By sheranya September 06, 2019, 11:32:21
How to reproduce:
Place a tacturret (t) right next to a harpooner (h), and of the opposite site of an enemy (e):

Expected result:
Both, the harpooner and the enemy are pushed two squares to the right:
|t| | |h|e|

Actual result:
Only the enemy is pushed two squares, and the harpooner stays put and takes push damage:
|t|h| | |e|

Additional info:
If the tacturret is placed next to the enemy instead and opposite to the harpooner:
then both the enemy and harpooner are pushed correctly two squares to the right:
|t| | |e|h|
That indicates that somehow the harpooner is pushed "first" before the enemy, which would explain why it takes push damage in the first scenario (|t|h|e|), but moves in the second (|t|e|h|).
EDIT: And just observed the same buggy behavior, when my character is in the place of the harpooner above.

I assume this is a bug and not expected behavior.
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