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Mumitoro/Deminoball spawn rates on Dodge

By Shufle October 25, 2019, 23:51:08

Minotoror Dungeon is next to impossible to complete. Spawn rates of Mumitoror/Deminoball are so ridiculously low (or flat out non-existent I am not sure at this point) that it takes OVER 3 hours to spawn ONE of them. This makes one run of a level 120 dungeon take over 5-6 hours to complete - not even mentioning about trying to do consecutive runs. This is not normal.

Considering the fact that the whole purpose of the dungeon is dropping the second rarest dofus in the the game, which takes hundreds of attempts to drop on its own, it is comical that in order to even get to the boss which drops the item a group must spend 5-6 HOURS (unless they somehow get very lucky) to spawn the access mobs. Please fix.

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