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Minotot and Minotoror

By rimmy-tin October 30, 2019, 16:17:17


This is the second time I am writing this as I've still not had a response. I've spent another 3hrs trying to get Deminoball & Mumminotor to spawn.

Can we please increase the spawn rate to significantly higher than it is now? Cause honestly this is ridiculous for a 160 dungeon. It is almost taking as much time as opening Kralove and Significantly more time than a Count Harebourg run.

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I think you just got unlucky. I've never had that much trouble getting them to spawn.

Also Deminoballs spawn on half the maps and mumminotors spawn on the other half of the maps. So if you camp a single map you will never get both spawns!

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Yo, this ticket was almost a year old. They've upped the spawns since then and it has been significantly easier.

Thanks anyway  

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