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Quest Help: "The Authenti Worm Speaks from the Mouth of Hell"

By Vontheviking November 14, 2019, 23:02:08

I am trying to complete the "Sedierta Otel" series of quests, but I am unable to locate the NPC Sedierta Otel, after completing Dead to the Worm.
I am attaching my achievement log, and the three locations the quest is referenced on, but I am unable to launch the next step of this quest. I remember talking to the God Iop, and the last quest resolving, but now I seem unable to find the quest giver. Please assist.

Achievement Logbook

NPC location in Cemetery of Heroes - missing
NPC Location in Neselite - missing
NPC Location by 5,7 zzap - missing


This change log came across my feed a bit ago, mentioning that Adrift in the Rift could be completed again.

Hoping to get some help on this. Tech support says the quest is enabled..

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