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Osamodas summons do not inherit vitality

By Umbra2015 January 14, 2020, 14:26:02

According the the devblog that described the Osamodas redesign, summons are supposed to inherit vitality/hp from the Osamodas.  For example, for Gobball the devblog says:

Vitality: 75% of the Osamodas's basic health points

However, in the game I tested and at level 175, my Gobball summon always had 737 hp.  I tried changing out my equipment and even increasing my vitality stat using a scroll, but nothing I did changed the Gobball's hp.

Perhaps this part of the redesign was changed at some point, but if so there should be some official post describing the final results of the Osamodas redesign, if there are differences from the original blog post.  Right now, there is only the original blog post and at least part of it is incorrect.

I also tested to see if Gobballs inherit chance from the Osamodas and that seemed to work correctly.  I'm curious if power and damage are also inherited.  The devblog only says chance and water damage, but power and generic damage seem like they should also be inherited.  I haven't tested it myself but it would be good to document this so that people would know what stats to strive for.

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Happens to me too.
I have a level 85 Osa
And other question, + Damage and + Elemental Damage works on Osas?

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There’s a newer post Ankama made that showed how stats the summons get their stats. It’s along these lines: The vit is now 5% per character level along with 50% characteristics and 50% elemental damage. The boar gets 50% additional pushback damage, and the Koalak, 50% heals.

I agree that they should get power and regular +damage but they don’t.

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