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Merchant mode bug

By jwking73 February 18, 2020, 16:27:31

My character randomly leaves merchant mode for no reason. 

1. I've set my 1st character to merchant mode, everything was ok
2. From another account from my 2nd character, I saw my 1st character standing in merchant mode
3. Few hours later, I came to see my merchant with my 2nd character, and it wasn't there
4. I logged in with my 1st character and it was not in merchant mode

This thing happened both to me and my friend once

Conclusion: characters are randomly leaving merchant mode for a reason unknown to me, after setting a merchant mode on a character, I am not logging on this account anymore (I know how this game works, I am not a noob- the merchant mode is bugged somehow)

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A mi me paso algo peor, al colocar todos mis objetos para venderlos y esperar 15 minutos todos los objetos de venta desaparecieron.

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