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Breeding issue? Public Paddock issue? Mount gaining stats incredibly slowly when at full tiredness and being left IN the Paddock

By Dez- April 02, 2020, 10:12:33

I am unsure if this is a bug or an intended change? I have checked all the Changelogs dating back to start of Nov 2019 and don't see anything.

Breeding mounts efficiently would require leaving a mount in a Paddock even when at full tiredness, taken from PC Dofus Wiki...:

This bar increases whenever a Mount interacts with a Breeding Item in a Paddock. In order to lower this bar the Mount must be out of the Paddock, either equipped or left in the shed. It will lose 10 points per hour, so when the bar is full it will take 24 hours to return to 0. Tiredness can also be depleted by leaving the Mount in the Paddock, it will automatically lose Tiredness as normal and will go back up once it has used the Breeding Items again. Therefore the most efficient way to acquire stat points is by leaving it in with the Breeding Items until it has the desired stats.When the mount's tiredness meter is full (shown by the mount with "Zzz"s coming out) it will not interact with any breeding items.Your Mount gains higher stats from Breeding Items depending on how tired it is''

My mount gained love rather normally but once hit full Tiredness and was placed in a Slapper Paddock in Brakmar, two days have passed and it has only gone down 1500 points, still sitting at 4600+. Normally it would be ready by now to either gain Maturity or Stamina.

I will be lowering the Tiredness on this mount now but it just doesn't seem normal, especially after not reading any changes.


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