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A bug starting the search and capture Yech'Ti quest

By Erno0n April 08, 2020, 03:03:56

Today I've gone to the El Burgo Military to get the quest to capture the yech'Ti because we had seem him and we wanted to beat him. 
​​​I started the quest like all the other similar quests, but I couldn't see it in my quests book, I didn't understand so I reloged but the quest wasn't apearing so I decided to go any way. 

We have beated the yech'Ti but I haven't got him. 

Please, tell me if it's a bug or it's just that I have done something wrong. 

Thank you. 

Note: I have done 3 more search and capture quests in Frigost so I know how it works and I'm a lvl 192 sacro so the lvl shouldn't be a problem to get it. 

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