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Uncatchable fish in Sufokia 99615239

By Disgustus#5831 April 29, 2020, 13:32:04
The fish shown in this screenshot cannot be caught with any fishing rod.
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You say Sufokia but the screenshot shows Wabbit Island. I know the problems in Sufokia tho, lots of fish can't be caught there. Lets hope they resolve it soon!
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Hahaha xD I must have been thinking about Sufokia when I posted this.

Dozens of maps in Sufokia have been bugged since Touch was released. I once went through every map in Sufokia and did a /mapid on every single one that had fish spawns that yielded no fish, or fish that couldn't be caught with any rod, but it's been like two years since I filed that report and they still haven't fixed it. Honestly, I'm thinking about dumping my 100 fisherman/fishmonger because the dev team for Touch is really neglecting it. 
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The fishs "impossible" are possible with the Telescopic weapon. You can buy this with some NPC's in the fisher shops (i believe that it sell in the Sufokia NPC)
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I already have all of the largest fishing rods available. this is not a matter of me not realizing that there are longer fishing rods that exist in the game. I am aware that I can buy the telescopic fishing rod and the Harpoon fishing rod. There is no fishing rod available anywhere in the game that can catch this fish.
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You’ll be able to catch this fish by using a bow of 9+ ranges. You don’t have to stick to a fisherman’s rod to be able to fish. Any kind of weapons are available in game, to practice your job.

I’ll invite you to do some research online to see what kind of bow could be useful for you.

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