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Dissapearing Equipment (Dofus-Touch)

By Igotthisss June 09, 2020, 17:28:21
Character name: Japie-Krekel
Date and time: 9-6-2020 around 15:00 CEST
Map: Unidentified
Server: Dodge

Bug description: Dissapearing Equipment
Reproducibility process: Unidentified

So I logged into dofus touch today and I enter a fight noticing that my weapon is missing so I look in any place that I might have unknowingly put it by missclicking like my mount, bank, merchant mode, markets but it is nowhere to be found so I ask my guildies if they know what is happening and i'm told this is just a random bug that happens sometimes and my item will reappear randomly over the next days.

I mean come on, I've been playing this game since 1.29, now 11 years later we still have frustrating nonsense like this? My character is now missing a good amount of characteristics and I don't feel comfortable doing any fights like this so basically i've been crippled by some bug and I can't do much in terms of getting xp or resources at the moment, wasting my xp and drop bonus time, having to either waste kamas buying a new weapon and selling it at a loss when the original reappears or worst case scenario it never reappears and I waste even more on just being able to play a game like I should be able to do normally.

Please fix this, is it too much to ask?
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Hi igotthisss,

In order to investigate your report, kindly contact our Support team here.


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