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[NOTED] Quest Bug "Let the Dead Bury the Living"

By asdasdasdasdasddd September 12, 2020, 21:05:44


I tried to do the quest "Let the Dead Bury the Living"(bonta cemetary) today. After you get the gravedigger to come to the crypt the quest asks you to go to the crypt. Once are in the crypt you talk to the ghost and then you talk to the gravedigger according to the questlog. And this is where my problem is - the gravedigger doesnt give me an option to talk to him he just give me the normal generic line he gave me before the quest too. So I am stuck at this step and can't progress.

As far as I can see there was no other requirements. I tried relogging. I tried everything even a different character tried for me and got stuck at the same exact spot.

Character name: Barack
Date and time: 12.09.2020 ~20:00
Map: -15,-56
Server: Dodge

Bug description: written out above
Reproducibility process: Accept the quest run through the steps

Screenshots: will bring them if requested


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I have the same problem!

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Yeah same thing happened to me, at least the quest doesn't give that much exp...

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