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[NOTED] Many Issues with Cawwot Dofus Quests

By jove2#5830 December 31, 2020, 12:52:15
Cawwot Dofus Glitch:

Issue # 1:  You dont get the option to do the quest "In Search of the Missing Enus"
Currently the quest: Nowas Ark is as follows
Talk to Nowa 2, -17
Gather 2 tofu eggs and take them back to Nowa.
Talk to Magus Ax 5, -20
Talk to Igor Ant 7, -18

Before the pandala update, you were to Talk to Gasdaure 5, -18 and start the new quest " In Search Of the Missing Enus"

this is where the issue is:
He sends you to a new quest : " Your First Dofus"
mission : find pandala village.

You dont get an option to do the quest " In Search Of the Missing Enus"

Issue #2: Several requirement pandala quests have been removed and not able to do them.
a. Pandala an Island Like No Other
b. Mysteries of Panda Goddess
c. Its Villages
d. Its Fresh Air

Issue #3: during the quest for Class Quest: (which vairy, depending on your class)  and the Devotion Quest:
during one of those quests you would have to do a Dopple Test.
There isnt an option to do the dopple test.

the part in question is: "In the temple of your God"
Step 1: Lenald Legend
At last! You're nearly there! yet the surprises still aren't over... The Lenald on Cawwot Island will reveal something that has been kept secret until now.
Talk to Captain Banwana at [24,-38]
You may accept his offer to teleport you to Madrestam Harbour for 100 Kamas.
Talk to Lily at [9,-2]
You may accept her offer to teleport you to The Wabbit Islands for 500 Kamas.
Find the map: Feltility Statue [23,-4]
Talk to Wanald the Wise Lenald at [23,-4]

Step 2: In the Temple of Your God
Following Lenald the Wise's advice, you plan your next expedition. You need to visit the temple of your god in Amakna.
Go to your Class Temple and talk to the master
Defeat 1 Evil Dopple in a single fight
Talk to your Dopple Trainer to start the fight. The Evil Dopple is Level 25 with 270 HP, 6ap, 3mp and no resists.
Talk to Wally Elconom at [4,1]
You will receive 1 Path and Trail: The Evil Forest.
Talk to Lanseuft of Troille at [-2,14]
Ask to enter the labyrinth and then ask for special authorization.

Issue #4:
Because of the glitch somewhere, you cant receive the option to start the quest: "It Never Wains but it Pours

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First Ankama intervention

Replying to weatyshorts0000089

Hi weatyshorts0000089,

Our team has noted about the report regarding the Nowas Ark quest, thank you!

See message in context
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I would like to add to this:

due to the Pandala update, the new Pandala quests must be done to start "It Never Wains but it Pours", in a line that follows as Your First Dofus? -> Pandavignon -> The False Dofus -> Pandissidence -> A Sage Among Sages, according to papycha guides. For some reason Your First Dofus and Pandavignon work well, but Pandisasse Tan does not give The False Dofus as they should, instead only giving the line of Spirit quests, some of which require getting drops from Akwadala monsters who low levels should have no business fighting against. To be safe I cleared this line of quests, but still cannot get the NPC to start The False Dofus.
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I cant even start Nowas Ark i have all pre reqs done and the 2 tofu eggs but he wont give me quest. Just says cant wait for the flood everytime i talk to him.
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Hi weatyshorts0000089,

Our team has noted about the report regarding the Nowas Ark quest, thank you!

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Ankama please fix your game before you make events like dungeon Rusher MAXX. Some players really wanted to make cawwot dofus questline and get the wa wabbit trophy shield at once. After running through wabbit island for several hours some of us figured out that Wanald the Wise Lenald (NPC) is glitched, you cant continue questline when talking with him. Probably becouse pandala rework (you delated some of the quests). Help us, we are stuck 3 steps away from getting the egg.

Sure, we did all the incarnam quests needed for cawwot:
Follow Your Path
On the Trail of the Dofus
From Nhin to Nhin
Life After Death
The Relics of Setsun
The Relics of Ryzsun
Journey to Astrub

Then we made it to astrub:

Discreet Arrival
Remarkable Advice
Class Quest
Devotion Quest
Astrubian Rumours
Nowa's Ark (changed quest)

Then pandala quests:

Pandala: An Island Unlike the Others

After that we managed to do all quests related to Fixou the Fox:

Save the Species
Make Love, Not War
Smells Like Cawwots
Houston, We Have a Pwoblem
The Gastronomic Art
A Culinary Expedition
Journey to the Centre of the Wabbit
Pwince Not-So-Charming

And now the pwoblem is when I try to talk with Wenald the Wise Lenald (NPC), there is no asking mark on top od his head and all he says is Leave. IDK maybe its qlitched becouse there is no longer some of pandala quests or Searching for missing Enu quest in astrub.

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Hi 22ambru,

May we know the name of the quest that you are blocked?

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Hey dofus touch account name: kazurigaya09, I think I've also been blocked from the mission "it never wains but it pouws. Just finished al the missions needed for it and just like most of my peers above haven't been able to obtain the quest.
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Hi Randomdudea,

Have you finished the following quests?
  • Astrubian Rumors
  • Pandavignon
  • Your First Dofus?
  • Finding Wabbitland
  • Wise and Wiser

You can refer to Papycha here for a guide (in French).

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Olá, estou querendo fazer as missões dos dofus e estou preso em específico com a classe Pandawa. Estou seguindo o Papycha e não consigo pegar missão "O conselho de Archie me Ajuda" sendo que já completei as missões: Siga seu caminho; De Nhim para Nhim; Vida após a Morte; Ajuda da Conselheira Arky; Na Trilha dos Dofus; As Relíquias de Setsun; As Relíquias de Ryzsun; Jornada para Astrub; Chegada Discreta.
o que eu faço?? Tem algum guia atualizado?? 
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Hi taravex#2275,

Thank you for the report, we have noted it for checking.

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