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[NOTED] Quest Dark Heart of the Forest

By Halek#9288 December 11, 2021, 20:25:08

I am trying to complete the quest Dark Heart of the Forest which has been recently added with the Plantala expansion. 

I am finding great difficulties to complete the final (?) fight for this quest. I get a fight versus 4 plantala mobs with 100% res to all elements. The only way to vuln them is with the little boar (4k) hp which can reduce (25%) mob resistances each pushback dmg. 

I find this almost impossible, given the high mobility of plantala mobs ad the large dmg they deal (500-800k each mob). If the little boar dies, fight is over. 
Furthermore, if other players join the fight, each player will cast a little boar with halved max hp (2000), so that the boar does not last even 1 turn if targeted by monsters. Obviously if you lose even a single boar fight is over. 

I believe that difficulty of this quest should be rebalanced, otherwise it will become impossible to progress in the questline for dorigami. It used to be 1 mob, so was even duable 1vs1 .. Now even in party quest becomes harder as boars are less resistant.. 
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This is a bug that was apparently fixed in the last changelog.
But if you find any player doing this mission for the first time join the game with them, as he will be facing only one mob.
I had this same problem and couldn't pass, until a player entered the fight in this mission against just 1 mob and I joined, so we were able to pass easily.
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Thank you guys very useful info
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