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[NOTED] My game crashed, few items disappeared and now my inventory keeps "loading" forever and doesn't show my items

By Tchucu#5341 January 14, 2022, 06:19:13
My game crashed when I was trying to move some items from the inventory to the bank, but the items I tried to move disappeared when I logged back in. They weren't valuable, just 202 cooked ham and an akwadala staff, but then, I'm really poor so it matters to me... And now, my main problem is that I guess the game realized there's something missing, because whenever I log in to play, my inventory works for about a minute, after that when I open it it keeps loading, loading, but never shows me my items... I'm not really sure but I THINK  some of my money actually disappeared too, but I'm not sure.. I don't know how much money I was supposed to earn from my sales then the game crashed, and now I have the feeling I lost some, but I'm not sure

Please, if someone could help me, I'd appreciate it <3
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Hi Tchucu#5341,

Kindly contact the Support team here so they can further investigate your report. Thank you!

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