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[NOTED] Market sells items no kamas?

By monochopxis#7849 April 13, 2022, 01:17:14
As in the title I recently put everything up my character had on the market place. Throughout the day today I periodically checked seeing a good majority of the items had sold yet when I logged back on and went to the bank the balance did not change yet all of my items are sold.
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It happened to me too. I was selling 5-6 times "wheat flour" x100 for 1349 per batch. I just logged in, they aren't in my inventory and they aren't at the market, they should be sold but I didn't receive the kamas. I'm sure I didn't receive the money because I have 1660 kamas right now. I started to sell them more or less 3 days ago.

PS: I just checked the bank in Astrub. The kamas are there, sorry no bug.
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