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[NOTED] Farmer profession not available after unlearnt in Incarnem

By Betha#1418 June 24, 2022, 10:37:31

I'm new to this game. My problem is:

- After I've learnt and then unlearnt a farmer profession Incarnem, now I can't learn farmer profession again in Incarnem

- Follow the webpage, it is written I can either find Emia Elliesol in Astrub: [7,-25] , or =1.5remForeman Ikure in Incarnam: [4,3], but after talking to them, Foreman Ikure rejected, and then Emia Elliesol, can't find any option to learn it again.

- I tried to farm the wheats in Astrub, it said go to [1, -20], but then that guy point me to [7, -25] again.

Thank you...

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