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How to use target specific quest items

By shroomgirl September 20, 2016, 05:39:47

I cannot figure out how to use a couple of quest items.

 1. The scissors from the quest Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag. How do you target a character with the scissors to obtain a hair sample?

2. The form to fill from the quest Delivery Problem. Same issue as above.

I know what I have to do ( I have completed these quests previously on my PC characters) but I am not sure how to target a player with the item on my tablet/smartphone.

Any suggestions?

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1.: Open your iventory, click on the scissors. The describtion should Open.
Click Action (left bottom); another Little Windows should Open.
Press and Hold the First Option, Drag it To the preferred Position or char

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can do you add a screenshot? pls

does'nt works with mechant players and npc? 

ps. sorry for my english :C 

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Thank you! For some reason that just wasn't intuitive for me! biggrin

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It doesnt work for me!

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it doesn't work THIS IS exactly what we are doing.  

TO make it easier you can add it to shortcut bar 
Press Scissors once *Tap*

Step 2 
A pop up window appears
lists the options below
"Insert Stats"
"associated recipes"
"Insert Recipe"

Step 3
Touch Target but DO NOT LET GO 
instead DRAG target to your target 
In which case the window closes and your left dragging your scissors your target

Here's where it gets good.....IT DOESN"T FRIGGGGING WORK!!!!!!   so Ishankar 
whats your solution to this.  can you show us a screen of your instructions working in action?

UPDATE:: it does work its just annoying because there's no have to open your inventory hit the KEY icon for quest items and see Cra Tuft Entruf Tuft Iop Tuft etc

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