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Bot report.

By poonhammer November 04, 2017, 08:02:16

I wanna report possible bot on dofus touch . Sever grandapan. Suspect name. Sanata. Seen all day 11-3-17 to morning of 11-4-17. Iv tired msg them in private an local chat accusing them of botting an no replies back. Seen in diggum.mine 5,19 update: second possible bot spotted same mine adrine-skram. Diggum.mine

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Replying to poonhammer

Thanks, we will check your report.

See message in context
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Apparently this is acceptable behavior

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Hi poonhammer,

Bots are not acceptable behavior. To help us in our investigation, can you please provide the /whois information of the 2 characters? As an alternative, you can also report via our Discord server.

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Golden-bat (sanata ) and jhoysfu (adrine-skram ) grandapan server. Info you requested

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Thanks, we will check your report.

En el foro está prohibido hacer reportes públicos,  los invito a hacer los reportes mediante el servidor de Dofus Touch en Discord 
Acá dejo una guía de como hacer el reporte 
1- Descargar la app de Discord que esta disponible en play store y app store 100% gratis
2- unirte al servidor de Discord de Dofus Touch mediante el código T4HczuG
3- escribir en un canal  ?bots el cual se mostrará los pasos a seguir para reportar ese bot
 In the forum it is forbidden to make public reports, I invite you to make the reports through the Dofus Touch server in Discord Here I leave a guide how to make the report
1- Download the Discord app that is available in play store and app store 100% free
2- join the Dofus Touch Discord server using the code T4HczuG
3- write on a channel ?Bots which will show the steps to follow to report that bot