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Phishing and hacking

By Crafting3628#6137 March 10, 2018, 20:01:31

I appreciate the support of the moderator staff on discord for their quick response to the recent phishing epidemic happening on Dodge past few days.

But it is still getting worse and out of hand, my guild has already lost two players to it. There are alot of players on Touch and Dodge especially with no knowledge of these sort of tactics and fall for these account stealing methods very easily.

Please renew the Phishing/account hacking article in the newsfeed that shows up next to the login boxes when you open dofus touch, or even a pop up everytime you login with a shirt warning about visiting URL's and phishing in general.

This seems to stem from a group of players who are very experienced in these kind of methods and they are wreaking havoc currently almost unchecked. The moderator team can ban them and ban them and ban them but they just keep coming back. It's like they get rid of one and two more appear.

Again I appreciate the quick action that has been taken but something more has to be done or this is only going to get out of control.

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Hi Crafting3628,

Thanks for the feedback, we'll discuss it with the team. 

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