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Harvest Limit

By jove2 March 14, 2018, 19:04:50

Harvest Limit
 I realize you are trying to get rid of the bots on the servers, but having the limit amount or harvested resources for players that actually play doesn't seem to be the answer.I can only go mining, fishing, farming, etc.. for about an hour before I get the message that says I can no longer gather items (go do something else).
 I personally am an avid player that really enjoys the crafting aspect of the game and now my time of being able to play is limited because of your limitations.
 Bots will make lots of accounts to harvest,  I have seen anywhere from 20 - 200 bots by the same person.  How is having 200 accounts botting, for 1 hour, helping the players on the server?
All that is doing is allowing the bots to sell the harvest items at a higher price, ruining the economy for the rest of us, since we are limited on how much we can work our professions or harvest in order to make an income, or gather items in order to be able to make our crafts.
Seems to me  the limit is helping the botters way more then it is helping your actual players.The only way this would help your game, is to have people buy the botters harvested items, to remove kamas off the server.
But.. by doing this  you will loose your players.
 People log on the the servers to play, not to be limited on how much they can play.
Being limited on time allowed to play will loose your customers, and they will go play different games other than Dofus Touch.

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